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Welcome to our
General Practice in Walldorf

We care for you.

We treat all age groups and are happy to serve you as your first contact for medical queries. Apart from our work as GPs we focus on special needs of children and teenagers. We are also specialists for Pain Treatment and Palliative Care.

News & Updates

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Our Services

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General Practice

We have a holistic approach towards our patients, providing thorough diagnostic procedures for all kinds of medical issues. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with us, preferably by phone or by email. Emergencies will always have highest priority.

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Pain Therapy

In cases where pain drastically affects your daily life, medical treatment is often the only way to regain your quality of life. We provide treatment for both acute and chronic pain. Generally chronic pain requires a more complex approach and knowledge on how long-lasting pain can affect the human nervous system. We provide you with treatment according to the latest medical standards in this field.

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Emergency Medicine

We are best equipped for emergencies. In case of acute disease or injury we can ensure a fast diagnosis via ECG, mobile ultrasound and various rapid laboratory tests. Immediate treatment can be initiated and minimizes critical time frames before arrival at hospital. Our doctors are trained emergency physicians.

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Special emphasis is given to the treatment of children and teenagers, including standard examinations and vaccinations. In case your child is too sick to be brought in to the practice, we also make home visits. We are happy to welcome you and your child and provide you with the medical support you need.

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Palliative Care

When a patient is seriously ill with no chance of recovery nor cure, treatment can still be given. The main goal of palliative treatment is to alleviate symptoms, substantially improving the patient's quality of life. Symptoms such as respiratory distress, anxiety or physical pain can be effectively treated. The patient’s family members, medical specialists and nursing staff all work together in their effort to achieve this aim.

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Complementary Medicine

Therapeutic approach is sometimes not considered 'mainstream' according to guidelines and to evidence-based medical practice. Wherever possible and suitable we integrate our knowledge of naturopathy in our treatment pathways.

Our Team


Dr. med. Günter Willinger

General practitioner


Dr. med. Volker Seitz

General practitioner


Dr. med. Sabine Ziegler

General practitioner


Dr. med. Stefanie Schmid

General practitioner


Dr. med. Stefanie Seidling

General practitioner in training

Opening Hours


We are happy to help you before and after the „INFEKTSPRECHSTUNDE“ (emergencies excluded)

Please make an appointment for the Infektsprechstunde

Opening HoursInfekt­sprechstunde
Monday08:00 - 18:0011:30 - 13:00
Tuesday08:00 - 18:0018:00
Wednesday07:00 - 12:00 - - -
Thursday08:00 - 19:0011:30 - 13:00
Friday08:00 - 12:0011:00 - 12:00

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Dr. Willinger, Dr. Seitz & Kollegen

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